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Feel the Rush: Canadian High School Football Showcase!

Unleash the Future of Football!

Date: March 23, 2024
Location: The Turf Training Center
1030 34 Ave, Nisku, AB T9E 1E7

Experience the Thrill

Dive into the heart of high-energy football as Canada’s finest high school athletes battle it out on the gridiron.
Witness the passion, the power, and the sheer athletic brilliance of tomorrow’s football stars!

Connect with Scouts:

This is more than a game; it’s a golden opportunity. Scouts from top colleges will be there, searching for the next big thing is football. Are you ready to shine?

Learn from the Best!

Special guest speakers, professional athletes, and experienced coaches will share their insights, tips, and secrets to success. A chance to learn from those who’ve lived the dream!

Be Part of the Legacy

Join us at the Canadian High School Football Showcase and be part of excellence. Whether you’re a player or a future star, this event is for you!

At the Canada High School Football Showcase, the combine plays a significant role in developing and assessing high school football players. The critical aspects of such an event include:

Athletic Testing

Players undergo various standardized tests to evaluate their physical abilities. These tests typically include the 40-yard dash (measuring speed), the bench press (assessing upper body strength), the vertical jump (testing explosive power), and the shuttle run (evaluating agility).

Skill Drills

Specific drills are designed to assess the players’ football skills. For example, quarterbacks might demonstrate their passing accuracy, running back footwork, and ball-handling skills.


Athletes are measured for height, weight, and arm length, among other physical attributes. These measurements are crucial as they provide coaches and scouts with a comprehensive understanding of a player’s physical makeup.

Interviews and Evaluations

Players often have the opportunity to interact with coaches, scouts, and recruiters. This provides a platform for athletes to showcase their character, work ethic, and mental aspects of the game.

Recruitment Opportunities

For many high school players, combines are critical for gaining exposure to college coaches and scouts. Performances at these events can significantly impact scholarship offers and recruitment.

Development Feedback

Players receive feedback on their performance, which can be invaluable for their personal development. It helps them understand their strengths and areas needing improvement.


Combines also offer a chance for players to network with their peers, coaches, and mentors, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among aspiring athletes.

High School Football Combines are essential for young athletes seeking to advance their careers. They provide a platform for showcasing talent, receiving constructive feedback, and gaining exposure to collegiate-level opportunities. The event’s importance extends beyond physical assessments, encompassing aspects of personal development, networking, and strategic career planning for young football players.

What will be included:

Combine Events

40-Yard Dash

This is a test of straight-line speed over a distance of 40 yards. Athletes start in a three-point stance and are timed on how quickly they can cover the distance. It’s a key measure of speed and acceleration and is closely watched for all positions, particularly for running backs, wide receivers, and defensive backs.

20-yard Shuttle (also known as the Short Shuttle)

This drill tests an athlete’s lateral quickness, agility, and ability to change direction. The athlete starts in a three-point stance, runs 5 yards to one side, touches the line, runs 10 yards to the other side, touches that line, and then runs back 5 yards to the start/finish line. This drill is essential for all positions but particularly relevant for defensive backs and wide receivers to demonstrate agility.

L-Drill (also known as the 3-Cone Drill)

This drill assesses an athlete’s agility, flexibility, and change-of-direction skills. Three cones are set up in an L-shape, each 5 yards apart. The athlete starts at the first cone, runs to the second, returns to the first, runs around the second cone, weaves around the third cone, returns around the second cone, and finishes at the first cone. It’s a critical test for defensive backs, wide receivers, and running backs.

Vertical Jump

This measures an athlete’s lower-body strength and explosion. The athlete stands flat-footed and is calculated for their vertical leap. This is particularly important for wide receivers and defensive backs who often have to jump high to catch or defend passes.

Bench Press

This is a test of upper body strength. Athletes are required to lift 225 pounds (102 kg) as many times as possible. This drill is fundamental for linemen to demonstrate their strength, but it’s also a measure of endurance and power for other positions.

Broad Jump

Similar to the vertical jump, this drill measures lower-body strength and explosion but in a forward direction. The athlete starts with a standing position and then jumps forward as far as possible, landing with both feet. This is crucial for showing an athlete’s explosive power, relevant to all positions but particularly for running backs and linebackers.

What else will be included?

The Portal is designed for Student-Athletes that will participate in the Canadian High School Football.

Showcase Combine typically includes several key features and components to assist players in their athletic journey.

Personal Profile

This section will contain the player’s photo and a brief biography of personal information like name, age, grade, position(s) played, and contact details. It may also.

Statistical Data

Detailed statistics from the combine are showcased here. This includes measurements such as height, weight, 40-yard dash time, vertical jump, bench press reps, and other relevant physical tests.

Video Highlights

We’ll upload footage from the combine. Additionally, we’ll link the player’s Hudl, Instagram, and another relevant page to showcase their game or training videos. This is essential for highlighting skills and performance to scouts and coaches. It’s important to remember that recruits will be viewing this information, so ensure your social media pages contain content that retains their interest and doesn’t divert them elsewhere.

Combine Performance Analysis

A breakdown of the player’s performance at the combine, often with comparisons to average scores and top performers in various drills and tests.

Academic Information

This section includes the player’s academic achievements, GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and any relevant academic accolades essential for colleges that consider athletic and intellectual prowess.

Scouting Reports

If available, scouting reports from the combine or previous seasons can be included, providing an expert assessment of the player’s skills and potential.

Recruitment Tools

You will be able to link your NCSA Recruiting account, giving them a more robust look at who you are as an Athlete and a Student.

Training Resources

Access to training tips, nutritional guides, and workout plans to help players improve their athletic performance.

Social Media Integration

The portal might integrate with social media platforms to allow players to share their achievements and updates quickly.

Reminder: It’s important to remember that recruits will be viewing this information, so ensure your social media pages contain content that retains their interest and doesn’t divert them elsewhere.

News and Updates

Latest news about the combine,
upcoming events, and other relevant information for aspiring football athletes.

Educational Resources

Information on NCAA eligibility, the recruitment process, and tips on balancing sports with academics.

Feedback and Support

A section for players to receive feedback from Combine officials or to seek support for any queries or technical issues with the portal.


Each portal may vary slightly based on the organization running the combine, but generally, these elements are crucial to providing a comprehensive and valuable tool for high school football athletes.

Combine Swag

Includes Combine Shirt, Shorts and a drawstring bag


Meals will be provided on the day of the event for all participants that will be in attendance. Registration form: we will try to cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions as we understand the importance of nutritional needs and allergy concerns. Please add comments in the Note section outlining any dietary needs and allergy concerns.

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