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Canadian High School Football Showcase to be hosted in Edmonton, Alberta March 22-23, 2024

EDMONTON, AB— Update Time!


Prepare to be amazed, athletes! The countdown to the Canadian High School Football Showcase is racing towards the finish line with lightning speed, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share electrifying news with you all!

March 13, 2024, is the date to etch in your minds!

This is your golden opportunity to grab hold of the CHSFS Scholarship Grant and unleash your potential in front of NCAA Schools! It’s not just a chance to showcase your skills on the field but an invitation to let your dedication to education and community shine like never before!

We’ve made the application process as smooth as a perfectly executed play: a 500-word essay on the significance of ECS (Education, Community, Sports) is all it takes to throw your hat into the ring via our registration page!

Our co-founders are eagerly awaiting your entries, ready to dive into your stories of passion and perseverance! Within a blink of an eye (okay, maybe 2-3 days), successful candidates will receive the call of victory and be granted complimentary access to the event day!

For those already on the journey, keep an eagle eye on your inbox! Expect a burst of joy from the Canadian High School Football Showcase with a message of triumph and opportunity!

Scholarship spots are as precious as a game-winning touchdown, and they’re going fast! Seize this moment to shine brighter than the stadium lights!

So whether you’re sprinting towards the scholarship, aiming for the grant, or gearing up to join us on the journey to the NEXT LEVEL, know that the Canadian High School Football Showcase is your ultimate teammate in the pursuit of excellence!

Particpatant coming out of town we have preferred rates with Sandman Signature Hotel and Sawridge Edmonton South which is conveniently just 8 -10 minutes away from the event location.

To capitilize on the preferred rate, mention “Canadian High School Football Showcase” when you call to book your stay.

Sandman Signature Hotel


Sawridge Edmonton South


We are committed to making this event a memorable and beneficial experience for all attendees. Please watch for the complete itinerary, which will be released next week. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need more information, please let me know.

Get ready to make history, athletes! The stage is set, the spotlight is yours – let’s show the world what you’re made of!


Canadian High School Football Showcase Leadership Team


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