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Canadian High School Football Showcase to be hosted in Alberta March 22-23, 2024

EDMONTON, AB— Thrilling Announcement!


We are delighted to share some fantastic news, courtesy of our generous sponsors, for both current and aspiring student-athletes aiming to seize the remarkable opportunity presented by the Canadian High School Football Showcase.

We warmly invite all current and prospective student-athletes to apply for the CHSFS Scholarship Grant. This initiative is a testament to our dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals and adds an exciting dimension to this year’s showcase.

We aim to encourage athletes to reflect on the wider implications of their involvement in sports, highlighting our commitment to nurturing individuals who are as devoted to their education and community as they are to their athletic pursuits.

The application process is simple: interested student-athletes are invited to submit a 500-word essay on the importance of ECS (Education, Community, Sports) in their lives via our registration page.

Our co-founders will review all essays within 2-3 days of submission. Successful candidates will be promptly notified by email and awarded a scholarship, granting complimentary access to the event day. Should you have already paid the registration fee, we will happily provide a refund upon selection.

Please note that scholarship spots are limited. We eagerly anticipate reading essays that mirror our passion for sports.

In recognition of the current financial uncertainties not just in Alberta but throughout our Country, we are proud to collaborate with KidSport (Include the hyperlink), ensuring that every young athlete has the chance to engage in sports that will shape their athletic and academic future.

Explore more about Athletes Compound and our partnership with notable figures through the following links:

Athletes Compound

CTV News Article featuring our collaboration with CFL All-Star Odell Willis

Furthermore, eligible student-athletes and their families can apply for a grant, offering not only free access to the showcase but also three training sessions with Odell Willis, the 2015 Grey Cup Champion for the Edmonton Elks and a future Hall of Famer, at Athletes Compound. Here, participants can analyze their performance and strategize improvements in agility.

For those not selected for the Scholarship or Grant, the Pay Now tab remains an option to join us on your journey to the NEXT LEVEL!

Our mission is to provide every young athlete with the best opportunities to excel, whether it’s showcasing their talents to coaches, advancing their education, or contributing positively to their community.

See you there!

Canadian High School Football Showcase, Leadership Team

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